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The UK Housing Crisis

There is a problem in Britain currently which is affecting many households and families due to the shortage of affordable housing. This problem is making families struggle to make ends meet and putting people into debt due to the price of private renting.

There are many obstacles when trying to buy a home in the UK as the prices are very expensive and young families can struggle to get on the ladder.

Saving for a deposit is tough as you will need around 20% of the price of the property just to even be considered for a mortgage. An average property is around seven times the national wage putting this out of reach for a lot of people.

Renting privately is also expensive especially in the main cities of the United Kingdom. Although renting has its benefits for instance the landlord would be accountable for things like repairs that are needed, you will not know how long the tenancy will last so it is hard to settle or plan for a long period of time as it can be quite unstable.

You will need to undergo some checks if you want to use an estate agent to rent a property from. You will need financial check, some references and at least one month’s rent as a deposit.

One London landlord is taking a slightly different approach to the traditional method of renting out his apartments. Andrew Charalambous believes that renting a property should be made as easy as possible for the tenant.  He has a unique approach and he does not ask for a deposit, references or neither does his company charge admin fees for things like letters and contract renewals. He believes also that people on the lower end of the income scale are discriminated against if they receive housing benefit to supplement their income and wants the UK Government to help out.

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Andrew Charalambous

It is not know how long that this crisis will go on for but hopefully there is a brighter future ahead for the British people.