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The UK Housing Crisis

There is a problem in Britain currently which is affecting many households and families due to the shortage of affordable housing. This problem is making families struggle to make ends meet and putting people into debt due to the price of private renting.

There are many obstacles when trying to buy a home in the UK as the prices are very expensive and young families can struggle to get on the ladder.

Saving for a deposit is tough as you will need around 20% of the price of the property just to even be considered for a mortgage. An average property is around seven times the national wage putting this out of reach for a lot of people.

Renting privately is also expensive especially in the main cities of the United Kingdom. Although renting has its benefits for instance the landlord would be accountable for things like repairs that are needed, you will not know how long the tenancy will last so it is hard to settle or plan for a long period of time as it can be quite unstable.

You will need to undergo some checks if you want to use an estate agent to rent a property from. You will need financial check, some references and at least one month’s rent as a deposit.

One London landlord is taking a slightly different approach to the traditional method of renting out his apartments. Andrew Charalambous believes that renting a property should be made as easy as possible for the tenant.  He has a unique approach and he does not ask for a deposit, references or neither does his company charge admin fees for things like letters and contract renewals. He believes also that people on the lower end of the income scale are discriminated against if they receive housing benefit to supplement their income and wants the UK Government to help out.

You can read the Andrew Charalambous vote purple article for more information.

Here are a couple more useful links below to Andrews other websites for more updates and further articles of interest.

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Andrew Charalambous

It is not know how long that this crisis will go on for but hopefully there is a brighter future ahead for the British people.

How to Find a Job in the UK

5 Ideal Student Jobs to do in London

Many students across the UK and the world in general dream for an opportunity to study in London because the city has a lot to offer from a vibrant nightlife to opportunity to land a good job in one of the many big companies based in there. However, life in the city can be pricey for a student and as such; you should consider getting a job to make the going easier. Here are 5 ideal student jobs in London.

  • Work within your campus

If you are looking to work part-time you can start by looking for work in your learning institution. Here you can work in the bars, cafes and even at the gym. Apart from earning money, campus jobs make it easier to plan your semester as you can fix your work schedule in a way that will not interfere with your studies.

  • Catering

This is one the best jobs you can do as a student in London because not much experience is required and it gives you an opportunity to meet important people in events you are employed to cater.

  • Brand ambassador

You can get a job as promoter of certain company’s products or services within your campus. This job is flexible as you can work whenever you want or even work online. Payment is usually on commission and while at working, you get to use the company’s products.

  • Working in clubs

As aforementioned, London has a lively nightlife and as you enjoy it, you may as well be making money by working in bars and clubs.

  • Events and attractions

You can get a job to work at any of the major attractions like art galleries in London. Here you can either sell tickets or work in the shops that are set up at those attractions.


Getting jobs for graduate as a student is nice way to not only earn money but also gain much needed experience to help you in the future.


Go for any job you want as long as it does not interfere with your studies.

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How Do Junk Clearance in London Work?

When you approach a junk clearance company for waste removal, you’ll realize that such a company has a way in which they go about doing the waste collection exercise. If you live around London, just continue reading to know more on how London junk companies work.

Waste collection

Junk-ClearanceThe first thing that a London junk collection company will do is to collect waste from your home; this exercise involves physically removing garbage from your home. When doing this exercise, the company will use garbage collectors and the appropriate tools. This exercise can be done in intervals depending on the amount of garbage you have. This exercise can be done for both residential and commercial premises.

Waste sorting

Sorting of waste materials is an equally important exercise. It is an exercise that sorts recyclable materials from the ones that are not recyclable. A waste removal company that provides Bulky waste collection London has experts in the industry. These experts know what to do so as to accurately sort out recyclable materials. Because of this, they ensure that nothing goes wrong. What’s more, these experts ensure that the process of recycling is not curtailed. This is because they ensure that recyclable materials are taken to the industry for recycling.

Waste disposal

This is the final thing that your waste clearance London company will do. After collecting and sorting, your collection company will dispose disposable waste materials. The good thing about a collection company is that it has the necessary competence and skills required to dispose waste materials. It knows how to dispose various materials. As such, it will not compromise the disposal exercise. It will ensure that each garbage type is disposed safely.


A London junk removal company has a lot of responsibilities; the company not only collects garbage from home, but also sorts and disposes garbage. In order to get good services, though, you should hire the best company. It is recommended that you take your time to research and identify a good company for this task around London.

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The UK Real Estate Market and What You Should Know

Real-Estate-UKReal estate in UK is a real and rare gem. This is because the kinds of properties that are on show are very picturesque. The industry has also been thriving in the last few years. This is promoted by the fusion of several factors working together to create a successfully running venture. Some of the factors that are promoting real estate here greatly include;

  • Good infrastructure

UK has superb infrastructure which is a leading factor that influences the growth of real estate in a country. There are good roads channeling through the whole country and there is water and electricity available in all parts. There are good hospitals and schools in all parts of the country too, which have helped greatly in the promotion of the industry.

  • Political stability

No one wants to acquire property in countries where there is political instability. This is because there is the risk of having to move away in case the situation escalated and loosing such an expensive investment. In UK, peace and stability have reigned for decades and there are no signs that these situation is likely to change for decades to come making it a prime location for property acquisition.

  • Considerably affordable

Real estate properties in UK have been found to be considerably affordable. This could largely be because of the very healthy economy of the country which ensures that the currency is strong. The industry therefore has on offer legendary pieces going for lower price ranges than what you would normally get in other countries.


The real estate industry is booming and that is also facilitated by the high quality of properties that are being put on the business market and for very affordable rates.


In UK you can successfully see your dream to own your dream home come to fruition.

The Future of Property Valuation

Home evaluation is a rewarding company in economic situations with a growing realty industry. High returns and also demand for equipments draw in investors in realty. You could deny or market a building, or make use of a home to work out a financial obligation before establishing its market value. The Australian property sector has been growing throughout the years with property costs boosting swiftly. Some experts have ended that this trend could cause a possession bubble in the future.

While raising prices of residential properties fret some analysts, others have argued that there is no sufficient evidence of a bubble. If the pattern in rates continues, a lot more financiers will certainly sign up with the sector and also this will cause a rise popular for home assessments services. Occasionally high need for services brings about poor or sub-standards solutions as firms attempt to make best use of on sales. A high demand additionally attracts unlawful business people as well as firms which like making earnings without acquiring the needed enrollment and licensing files.

Financiers in the property in Australia should be extremely careful when selecting commercial property valuers. The sector will certainly continuously experience a high need for evaluation solutions, which as stated earlier draws in illegal traders. Buyers as well as sellers must make certain that registered firms value their equipments to obtain accurate as well as fair assessments. The high prices could likewise lure some valuers to miscalculate commercial properties to ensure that their customers could earn greater returns.

The requirement for a background check on home valuers can not be overstated. If the federal government continues to play its part effectively in controling business property valuers, capitalists in property will certainly not need to fret about illegal or incorrect evaluations. Nonetheless, purchasers and also sellers have a duty of establishing the genuineness of a commercial property valuer before paying for their solutions. The federal government has actually authorizeded several trusted valuers such as Perth apartment evaluations that will guarantee evaluation criteria are preserved despite having the rising demand for apartment evaluation solutions.

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